Lake Laberge Lion's Club
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The Lions Prayer:      The Lions Song:
Where Lions meet, be present Lord
To weld our hearts of one accord;
To do thy will, Lord, make us strong,
To aid the weak and right the wrong.

 Hail, Hail, the Lions are here!
Can't you hear them roaring?
Can't you hear them roaring?
Hail, Hail, the Lions are here!
Can't you hear them roaring now!!


We hold meetings twice each month - on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The first meeting each month is, normally, a dinner meeting, prepared by one or two Lions members, at a donation, per person, of $10 and the meeting starts at 6:30 pm, adjourning to eat. The second monthly meeting begins at 7:00 pm and is a regular meeting. Guests and presenters are welcome at either meeting. Please, if possible, drop us a note if you plan to attend so we can welcome you appropriately. All our meetings are held in the basement meeting room at the Captain Martin House, an historic house located at 310 Wood Street, across from the Yukon Cinema theatre (entrance is at the rear - limited parking off the alley).


A person can become a Lion's member by invitation only and must be at least 18 years old. Business professionals, teachers, government workers, private business employers/employees, artists, parents and anyone interested in making their community a better place to live is welcome. As a member, you will be asked to participate in club projects, keep your dues current and attend club meetings and functions whenever possible. There are no specific attendance requirements, so if you are a seasonal employee you can still participate. Men and women both join and participate in our club and all members are considered equal, no matter their job or position. We prohibit any discussions about politics and/or religion from our organization. All members will be treated with respect and treated equally.

Being a Lion lets you give something back to the community where we live. You get the satisfaction of knowing you can make a difference. By operating at a local level we can cut out most government red tape and provide service on an immediate basis. It is not a religious, political nor fraternal organization. Lions is a service organization, our motto is WE SERVE. Our club constitution requires that one-hundred percent of all monies raised from the public for projects must be returned to the public by way of donations or projects.

The costs of becoming a Lion are minimal, with a low initiation fee (waived) and dues of only $60.00 per year. The benefits are enormous and membership allows you to become part of, and participate in, local and international projects and events. You have the opportunity to participate in training and in new leadership opportunities and to make a difference in our community. Lions get involved and make things happen in their communities.

Families with young children are encouraged in our club. During community projects the children make a contribution of their own and provide a lot of energy at club activities. What a great example these parents are showing to their children and the children's peers by helping make their community a better place to live and mature.

If you are interested in more information, contact the Lake Laberge Lions Club by one of the methods on the Contact Us page, above.

Our motto We Serve guides us in our activities and we know that our combined efforts make our communities a better place to live and that alone we may struggle but, together, we win.

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